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After 25 years, Mary Bridge's charity ride was ready for its next evolution. As avid cyclists, we were honored to rebrand the event, and rode with Courage alongside our clients for the relaunch. 



Strategy + Branding, Iconography, Print Advertising, Promo Items + Apparel, Social Media Assets, Signage

Photos by Ingrid Barrentine + Nathan Golden



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We aimed to attract a more diverse ridership, including children and families.

Our primary goal with rebranding the ride was to highlight its beneficiary, Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. Secondly, we aimed to attract a more diverse ridership, including children and families. We also sought to distinguish ourselves from contemporary events, including Bike MS and Obliteride.

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Patterns were developed to mimic the topography of the ride's routes, which traverse the foothills of Mt. Rainier. Mountain landscapes were illustrated using an adaptation of the Courage wing, finding their way onto jerseys, bandanas, signage and more. 

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Iconography delineated the five different route options: Rainier Family, Cascade Cruiser, Tahoma Half Century, Northwest Brew Thru and The Sasquatch. This marked the first year Courage offered a variety of ride lengths, making the ride more accessible for various skill levels and age groups. 



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In the end, our efforts put Mary Bridge Children's Hospital on the map, and HELPED save lives.

Along with hundreds of volunteers, participants, sponsors and event organizers, we helped raise over $150,000 to help kids who are battling cancer, suffering abuse and neglect, or living with chronic disease. We reminded the world that 10 out of 10 kids have courage, and that our job is to be their champion,  protector and advocate.

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