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An independent, ad-free women's magazine, Lucia's mission is to give voice to the heart and celebrate true beauty. Karma was instrumental in Lucia's birth and the creation of her identity. Lucia is evolving into a community of women and men seeking inspiration by leading heartfelt, curious and creative lives.



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Good names aren't discovered, they are revealed. Lucia means light. In today's world, to inspire and enlighten the world is no small task. Nor is transforming an inch-high doodle in the editor's journal to a sharp and scalable logo. We opted for natural light, tracing paper and a steady hand. Imperfection is what makes us human. 



"I'm going to start a magazine," she said. We knew no one could stop her, so instead we opened the door. Laura met us at a cabin in the woods for an immersive creative bootcamp. She left armed with the tools to launch her brand, including visual guidelines, a custom template and critical skills to navigate the publishing industry.

Laura dedicates her creative practice to helping others breathe, create and connect. An advocate for equal rights and a volunteer at her local women's shelter, Laura encourages others to follow their intuition, speak from the heart and celebrate true beauty.   

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Since her humble beginnings, Lucia has grown to grace the shelves of Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble and numerous independent booksellers across the country. In her second year of publication, Lucia received the Seattle Design Foundation Popular Vote Grant. Lucia's loyal tribe of print subscribers and digital followers look to her for wisdom, guidance and courage in leading heartfelt, curious and creative lives.   

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