Mariette Collora

I have secretly always wanted to be...

A private investigator

Scariest thing I’ve ever done besides public speaking

Skydiving in Australia

Favorite place to doodle  

On a newspaper

Mariette hails from a design and communications background. In her role as project manager, she gets the best of both worlds—she's passionate about cultivating relationships and being part of a team of women that creates a meaningful impact on the world around us.

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Danielle Yocom

Countries Lived in


Favorite Youtube rabbit hole

Photoshop & camera tutorials

Danielle is a seasoned designer and avid traveler with a passion for learning and collaborating with positive causes around the world. Her expertise centers on developing and extending brand identities across multiple applications and platforms. She also assists with the day-to-day operations of our studio, keeping things running smoothly behind the curtain. Dani satisfies her creative curiosity through classes, conversation, and experiencing different cultures.

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Elizabeth Mullaly

What I’m dreaming about now

Riding bikes in Italy

What I’m wearing now

Something black, or probably something grey.

What I’m reading now

Something about bikes, endless blogs about bikes. And the latest post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel, for bed-time reading.

Elizabeth’s experience spans many years working as an in-house creative and freelancer, producing print and digital work for a variety of corporate and non-profit organizations. Her first love is print design, and she keeps the fire burning with time spent in her letterpress studio.

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Ivanna Mikityuk

First game console
Nintendo 64

Sketchbooks I own

Pets I’ve owned
4 cats 3 dogs

Ivanna is passionate about making magic in digital spaces. A talented illustrator, she brings her creations to life with coding hacks and engaging user experiences. Her ability to think on her feet is matched only by her vested interest in the success of every project. Ivanna strives to unite usability and delight in piece she creates.

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Erin Millman

Happy Place

Hawks Lake, MT

Favorite Activities

Bouldering, Board games, longsword

Always listening to

Note to Self, Call Your Girlfriend

Erin came to the design field by way of computer modeling and character animation. Time and again, she proves that information is alive and PowerPoints need not be boring. We often sic Erin, an incredible researcher and problem solver, on complex content management systems. However, her biggest love will always be using graphics and motion to delight, assist and inform.

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Sara Campos

Places I’ve traveled

19 states and 7 countries


Knitting, reading, drawing, embroidery

Favorite musical artists

Aphex Twin and The Beatles

One of Karma's furthest flung team members, Sara is based out of Santa Cruz, CA. A recent grad of the design program at San José State University, Sara was plucked out of the schoolroom and into our creative kitchen. Sara is always excited to take on new challenges, especially those that are print-based. Well versed in the Adobe CC suite, she also dabbles in Fusion 360 and Sketch.

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